We consider our vineyard as a garden.

The vineyard where we produce the Spinorosso and Ca’ wines, has two vocations, and this has allowed us to focus our production on two completely different wines. This choice is the result of micro-vinifications as well as soil analysis.

The vineyard where we produce our Pinot Nero has the privilege of excellent sun exposure, is well-ventilated and is a terrain of alluvial origin with a significant presence of clay and silt.

We consider our vineyard as a garden, and as such we tend it without weed-killers or herbicides, with minimal processing and only manual handling with the utmost respect for the environment. This because we believe it to be the correct approach to preserve, and if possible, even improve our land, which is also our home.

Fertilization is done using organic fertilizers for organic farming. We do not define ourselves as organic, but we strive for a precise and quality viticulture where every operation is evaluated for the minimum dose necessary for to obtain a healthy and better grape, from the organoleptic point of view.

Actually, we decide the harvest period based on the phenoleptic ripening of the grape, as well as that of the sugar level. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand in small crates, only in the morning, in order to transfer them to the cellar (where a further selection occurs) at a low temperature so as to not compromise their aroma.