More than a desire, a destiny intertwined with our family and this unique and special land that is our home: la Lunigiana.

Our first harvest was in 2006. More than a desire, a destiny intertwined with our family and this unique and special land that is our home: la Lunigiana.

The Podere Fedespina vineyards are located in the Tuscan Apennines, surrounded by the green hills of La Lunigiana, at 250 m. above sea level, and enjoy an ideal exposure to the sun as well as climate for viticulture of character.

Through the years, Mirta Fedespina and Antonio Farina, owners of the farm and wine-lovers themselves, together with wine maker Francesco Petacco, who enthusiastically, and like-mindedly, providing his precious advice as to the entire production cycle, wish to prove that Alta Lunigiana, a land rich and generous in nature and typical local products, has all the credentials required to produce quality and identity wines, in the best Tuscan tradition, safeguarding only the characteristics of the territory, without conforming to wines produced in other regions.

In 2003 was born the idea to renovate the historic vineyard , towards the idea of ​​sustainability and biodiversity: pushing the vineyards to the borders of the woods, to seek a profound expression of the soil in its geological diversity and get closer to the vegetal density of the chestnut trees and centuries-old oaks to seek strong temperature variations, root textures and achieve a slow maturation of the grapes.

They therefore decided to work with a blend of local and international varieties, to best express the Genius Loci of the Lunigiana area: Ciliegiolo, a black grape variety native to the area and Merlot, present in upper Lunigiana for centuries thanks to the passage of numerous pilgrims along the Via Francigena.

In 2014, with the arrival in the company of the son Matteo, an architect by training and winemaker by vocation, the research was directed towards the recovery of ancient vineyards. The development therefore continues with the acquisition of a fifty-year-old vineyard located at an altitude of 300 meters right on the slopes of the Tuscan Apennines.

Podere Fedespina took care of the recovery of the ancient vineyard, creating a limited series of bottles of Pinot Noir which since 2015 has accompanied the two historic wines. This prestigious vine vinified in purity from vines over 50 years old takes on the name of the company: Fedespina.